React를 조금씩 배우고 있다. 현재 회사에서 $1.2M 짜리 프로젝트의 Front-end Projects’ Owner로 나를 투입 시켰다. 아직 신입인 나에게 막중한 임무 같아 부담스럽지만, 매우 좋은 기회인 것 같다.

우리 회사는 Fortune500에 포함 된 농업관련 장비를 만드는 중공업 회사인데, 회사의 상 …

I am recently assigned to build a new React project, so I am more than excited to give it a shot.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript in the browser is able to manipulate DOM, HTML elements that are rendered onto the screen. We can manipulate this with JavaScript.

Why only JavaScript? Not other languages?

Why would we use React?

Why do we need React in addition to JS?

JS is imperative approach, (describe after describe, step after step) which can reach limits.

For example, you have to write every single step that should be taken.

create a element -> set its content -> add classes -> add a click listener (Every single step needs to be described)


Keep the balance between family, sports, study and work.

  • Family: I need to spend time with family (Wife, and a puppy) to take breath during the hectic challenging day, keep everyday peaceful, and refresh life.
  • Sports: I need to keep myself activated. Body is connected to mindset. …

What’s an EBS Volume?

  • An EBS(Elastic Block Store) Volume is a network drive you can attach to your instances while they run
  • It allows your instances to persist data, even after their termination
  • They can only be mounted to one instance at a time (at the CCP level)
  • They are bound to a specific availability zone
  • Analogy: Think of them as a “network USB stick”
  • Free tier: 30GB of free EBS storage of type General Purpose (SSD) or Magnetic per month

Rewrite blogs


A data pipeline is a series of data processing steps. If the data is not currently loaded into the data platform, then it is ingested at the beginning of the pipeline. Then there are a series of steps in which each step delivers an output that is input…

Connect EC2 via SSH

ssh -i EC2Tutorial.pem ec2-user@ 

If it complains like “key is too open”, then:

chmod 0400 EC2Tutorial.pem

EC2 Instance Connect

use temporary ssh key to connect (Not the one you have)

** Never put IAM Access key secret key on EC2. Instead, modify IAM role (IAMReadOnlyAccess) (Attach it to the instance)

EC2 Instances Purchasing Options

  • On-Demand Instances: short workload, predictable pricing
  • Reserved: (Minimym 1 year)
    - Reserved instances: long workloads
    - Convertible Reversed Instances: long workloads with flexible instances
    - Scheduled…

Amazon EC2

  • EC2 is one of the most popular of AWS’s offering
  • EC2 = Elastic Compute Cloud = Infrastructure as a Service
  • Capability:
    - Renting VM(EC2)
    - Storing data on virtual drive (EBS)
    - Distributing load across machines (ELB)
    - Scaling the services using an auto-scaling group (ASG)
  • Knowing EC2 is fundamental…

Questions to understand the big picture !

1. `.cfg` file?

Configuration file. Generic preference file that stores settings and configuration information.

2. MQTT(Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) Protocol?

Standard messaging protocol for IoT. It is designed as an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport that is ideal for connecting remote devices with a small code footprint and minimal network bandwidth.

  • Lightweight and Efficient: MQTT clients are very small…

About IAM..

IAM: Users & Groups

  • IAM = Identify and Access Management, Global service
  • Root account created by default, shouldn’t be used or shard
  • Users are people within your organization, and can be grouped

IAM: Permissions

  • Users or Groups can be assigned JSON documents called policies
  • These policies define the permissions of the users
  • in AWS…

Suk Hwang


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